Non-Toxic Face Paint Recipes for Halloween Costumes

Face-painting is a fun part of dressing up for Halloween. Many costumes require a mask or face paint of some kind. Here are easy, diy recipes to make your own face paint that is safe and non-toxic. These recipes should not cause skin irritation. Many face paints and cosmetics contains harmful chemicals or may cause a rash on a child's skin. If they do, it's likely that the child has extra sensitive skin or is allergic to one of the ingredients. If the child says that any face paint, temporary tattoo or skin product burns or itches, wash it off immediately and apply cool compresses to the affected area.  Safe, Non-Toxic Face Paint Recipes for Halloween 

Montessori Mom--at Home Preschool Science Learning Center

From 27 years in Montessori and special education, I've developed a learning center approach to parenting. From the time our kids were toddlers, I arranged their play area with learning stations. When I home schooled, I did the same with the school room. If you've got preschool age kids or are homeschooling, I highly recommend at-home learning centers. Here's how this Montessori mom set up a science learning center. Montessori Mom--at Home Preschool Science Learning Center 

Lesson Plans About Wildfires, Fire Prevention, Environmental Science

Okay, so I promised you explosions and pretty lights with these science activities. But (as we learned from Seamus in Harry Potter) scientists (and wizards) should also know how to put out said fires. In light of that (pardon the pun), here are free lesson plans about wildfires, fire safety, fire prevention and environmental science.  Lesson Plans About Wildfires, Fire Prevention and Environmental Science 

Recipes for Oobleck: From Dr. Seuss's Book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck"

Dr. Seuss celebrates his birthday on March 2 and we celebrate Dr. Seuss's legacy of literature. Dr. Seuss's charming fable "Bartholomew and the Oobleck" is pure Seuss fun. Poor Bartholomew--always chased by something. Hats, kings, oobleck, there's got to be something Freudian in that. Anyway, here are recipes to make oobleck. Kids, you can make this alone (sorry, no explosions or pretty lights with these recipes...). Parents and teachers, we'll let you in on the fun, too. Make with your children, homeschool or students.

What is oobleck? Dr. Seuss is not only a wit with cartoon drawings, but he's pretty creative with words too. Oobleck is just what it sounds like: goopy, gooey, slimy putty flubber. And Oobleck has a mind of it's own as poor Bartholomew discovers. Celebrate the wonder and magic of Dr. Seuss in your homeschool or classroom.   Recipes for Oobleck: From Dr. Seuss's Book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck"

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