Bayer Wants European Commission to Lift Neonics Bee Killer Ban

Neonicotinoids or neonics are nasty insecticides that are killing bees in droves. This isn’t just spot treatment. It’s wiping out entire populations. 37 million dead bees were found on just one Canadian farm. Seeds are soaked in neonics so the chemical spreads through the plant. That raises concerns for humans too.  But chemical giant Bayer wants the ban lifted. It's costing them money. Bayer Wants Neonics Bee Killer Ban Lifted

Viniculture, Wine-making Science Applictions

Viniflorist and vintner practices make excellent science and chemistry lessons. This might sound a little unorthodox for school, given kids are underage (I wouldn't do tastings, but it's tempting!) Exploring the impact of terroir on grape and resulting wine makes lessons practical and hands-on.

I drink dry, red wine. It was just brought home to me, how key a factor is annual terroir--weather, soil, climate--on wine. Petit syrah is my go-to. Shiraz is standby. Malbec depending on year and rarely pinot noir. Originally, Malbec was my favorite, specifically 2011. But 2012 bombed. Now I find 2013 Malbec is as bombastic and bodacious as 2011. The shifting terrior really does affect the grape and the wine. I recommend the movie "Bottle Shock" to provide background (omitting the one sex scene).

Bottle Shock--Malbec 2013 Almost as Good as 2011

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