Spring Science with Green Cleaning and Safety Checks

But cleaning isn't a science experiment, you object. Maybe not. But if cleaning and safety checks aren't kept up with, they pose hazards like fire. And that would be a real-life science lesson no one wants! So why not practice some "green" cleanups to keep your house safe? Living green has several components: cutting costs, making eco-friendly choices and improving quality of life. You can hit all three with these spring cleaning tips. Freshen your home, save money and possibly save lives with spring safety check-up/clean-ups.  Save Green, Live Green, Spring Cleaning and Safety Checks 

Free Earth Day Science and Art Lesson Plan

Earth Day, April 22, is the new name for the holiday called Arbor Day. Arbor is the French word for tree. Earth Day is a global celebration that focuses our minds on caring for our earth. Ironically, some Earth Day activities are not really green. Printable for Earth Day, such as coloring pages and worksheets generate more paper waste. I include myself in this indictment because I've written articles for free printables for Earth Day. Here is a truly green lesson plan which is safe for our earth, educational and enjoyable for students of all ages. It covers science, art, ecology, recycling and design.  Free Earth Day Lesson Plan

Green Recipes, Spring Cleaning Tips for Vehicle Interiors

Ah, spring--Mother Nature blesses us with sun, rain and...mud! Winter snow and ice make car cleaning virtually impossible. Mix spring mud and post-winter debris and the vehicle interior is trashed. Here are five cheap, easy, green tips for spring cleaning the car interior. Lots of eco friendly recipes, too! Green, Kid-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips for Vehicle Interiors

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