Viniculture, Wine-making Science Applictions

Viniflorist and vintner practices make excellent science and chemistry lessons. This might sound a little unorthodox for school, given kids are underage (I wouldn't do tastings, but it's tempting!) Exploring the impact of terroir on grape and resulting wine makes lessons practical and hands-on.

I drink dry, red wine. It was just brought home to me, how key a factor is annual terroir--weather, soil, climate--on wine. Petit syrah is my go-to. Shiraz is standby. Malbec depending on year and rarely pinot noir. Originally, Malbec was my favorite, specifically 2011. But 2012 bombed. Now I find 2013 Malbec is as bombastic and bodacious as 2011. The shifting terrior really does affect the grape and the wine. I recommend the movie "Bottle Shock" to provide background (omitting the one sex scene).

Bottle Shock--Malbec 2013 Almost as Good as 2011

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