Latex in Common Foods and Products, Science Experiments to Track Down Allergens

I have a latex allergy. Or maybe I should say latex sensitivity. I react by breaking out in eczema-like lesions that ooze a clear, sticky substance. They itch, crack and hurt. I noticed that carving pumpkins aggravates my skin problems. I get itchy and break out after handling the membrane.

I wondered if pumpkins contain latex. Sounds weird? It's not. Latex is a rubber plant derivative. Lots of tropical fruits are in the same family. They can cause breakouts allergy conditions. Even eating them can cause internal problems for allergics. So I checked a friend and allergy advocate's OneSpot Allergy blog to see. Sure enough, pumpkins are in the rubber plant family.

And I got to thinking, this might be interesting research for science and chemistry classes--tracking down allergens in common food and household products. Many kids suffer with allergies. Some don't even know what they're reacting to. You shouldn't subject potentially allergic kids to allergens, rather have them explore chemical makeup of foods and note experiences they have when in contact with them. Students could use this in text-to-life connections. Pumpkin Carving Aggravates Eczema, Latex Allergies

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