Science Crafts, Free Printable Habitat Dioramas

Dioramas are the perfect interactive activity for exploring concepts. Dioramas, or 3-dimensional scenes, help students gain perspective on the relationship of items
in the diorama. Diorama activities work very well for habitat and life science concepts. As students assemble a habitat diorama, they begin to understand how creatures interact with their environment. With the advent of free printable activities from the internet, making dioramas with students has become easy and user-friendly. Here are five different free printable nature habitat diorama activities. Students color, cut and paste and assemble dioramas. Printable dioramas give the added benefit of a high success rate. Special needs and easily frustrated students can create great looking projects and feel proud of their work. For free printables, visit  Coloring, Cut and Paste Activities: Free Printable Habitat Dioramas

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